10401914_653595568049455_5700782349139389172_nKahini connects writers from Africa, Asia, North America, and Oceania.

We study together online and in-person, share good food and good times together whenever we can–and push ourselves as writers and artists constantly.

Every three months, we pose one another with a new theme, question, and/or prompt. Each regional program hosts workshops, readings, and other gatherings, centered around this theme, question, or prompt.

Participants are encouraged and supported to attend events in various regions—studying, teaching, volunteering, meeting other writers. Kahini workshops focus on meeting new people and writing characters of a different background than one personally has, thus building empathy and mutual understanding across borders of all kinds–and becoming a better writer and reader.

10580098_644562788973978_8580717808365491896_nAs readers, many of us stay connected online through the Kahini Book Club. Each quarter we read three books—one each month—through the lens of that quarter’s theme/question/prompt. In 2014-2015, we’ll be reading and discussing books by writers from India, Dominica, New Zealand, Nigeria, Samoa, Uganda, the United States, and Zimbabwe, through such themes as home & belonging; culture, class, & place; faith, doubt, & wonder; and love & war.

Finally, also each quarter, writers pair one-on-one together across regions through the Kahini Collaborative. Participants create new collaborative work in partnership, inspired by the quarter’s theme/question/prompt.

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